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Able was founded in 2006 by a group of volunteers passionate about improving the everyday lives of those living with a disability. Starting as a radio station, the enterprise grew rapidly through demand and now plays a pivotal role within the community. 

We are believed to be the first Radio Station run by people with Learning Disabilities and Neurodiverse conditions in the world! 

Beyond on-air broadcasts, we have developed a range of offerings which are designed to be personalised and tailored to each individual's needs.

Able aims to assist each individual in developing their sense of purpose and individuality by providing an enhanced person-centred approach.

Our Mission

our mission.

We strongly believe in the limitless potential of every single individual, therefore, our mission is to help our participants develop existing skills for personal growth, build confidence and develop friendships.


We do this through dynamic, forward thinking activities and skill-sessions that encourage each individual to engage with the community around them


Tom, Torfaen Voluntary Alliance

"As the Third Sector Council for Torfaen, we enjoy working closely with the sector organisations in Torfaen. We have been working closely with Able for a few years and we have enjoyed seeing the organisation grow into what is has become. Shaun, Simon and the team dedicate their time to ensure that all service users and members of the community benefit from the support and skills that they offer. We are excited to be working with Able and look forward to supporting them more in the future!"

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