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able radio & podcast

Our radio and podcast is refreshing and light-hearted thanks to the creative topics and voices of the people at Able. Our channels are produced, narrated and brought to you by people with learning disabilities and autism from our base in Cwmbran, South Wales. We're committed to providing an inclusive space for people with learning disabilities to express themselves, share their stories and connect with others.

The people at Able are proud to bring you a unique perspective on the world of radio and podcasting, one that celebrates diversity, inclusivity and creativity.

tune in, join the conversation and help us create a more inclusive world!


everyone has a voice that's worth sharing.

Our programming covers a wide range of topics, from news and current events to music, entertainment and personal stories. Our hosts are people with learning disabilities, who bring their unique perspectives and experiences to every show.


sharing our stories

We also feature guest interviews and appearances from businesses and people in the wider, local community. These guests provide valuable insights and information on a range of topics, including accessibility, education, employment, and more.

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